The pollution problem is complex. The solution is complex. But the question of whether or not we help the environment is simple: WE DO.

Alex says:

I made this video on a whim and about 30 bucks with my friends Kim Johnson, Dave Kingsbury, Dil-Domine Jacobe Leonares and Kevin Mullen. It was for a contest that IDEO was having. Here’s a link to the contest site.
Our video really doesn’t answer the brief in the slightest but it was just something we wanted to get out there. It took us three days to make and most of that time was Kim editing it on final cut. A couple funny things have happened since then. The most annoying was this. The Royal Society is reviewing its public statements on climate change. Sheesh. It reminds me of the argument that we used to hear about the fact that oil often leaks into the oceans naturally. We would hear this argument from people who were bullish on more aggressive offshore drilling. Well those natural leaks just don’t seem to be part of the issue as thousands of miles of coastline is fouled by the amount of oil we as humans have released. We can all agree that the oil spewing out of that pipe is pollution. CO2 is the same deal. It occurs naturally and is a natural part of our atmosphere but not nearly at the rates we are pumping out. It’s Climate Pollution. A phrase Dagny Scott used after she saw this vid. It’s a great phrase. In the video we sampled what may be the world’s all-time greatest commercial. The crying Native American that convinced us all not to litter. Well a couple days ago a friend of mine discovered that her friend Jack had been the art director on that spot. Great job Jack. We all owe you one. Next time I’m in NYC I’d like to shake your hand.

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