It’s a great story that retraces the trip from the US to Chile that the founders of Patagonia (Yvon Chouinard) and North Face (Doug Tompkin) took in the 60’s. The filmmaker’s (Jeff Johnson) journey on a boat from Mexico to Chile was great to watch, but I was mostly fascinated and inspired by Chouinard and Tomkins who shed a great deal of light on the value of life. If you’re interested at all in environmentalism, surfing, rock climbing, adventure, doing good or living simply do check it out. I’m also a big fan of a health dose of advice from some old guys that have done/seen way more shit than I’ll probably be able to accomplish in a lifetime and this film definitely has that too! And the idea of progress as turning 180 and taking a step forward instead of continuing on the same (potentially negative) path, or walking backward and regressing, is brilliant.

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