“This morning, Foursquare made a subtle but significant change to each and every venue page that could have major implications for business owners: the addition of Facebook “Like” buttons.

Now Foursquare users can browse venues, “Like” them and instantly share that activity back with their Facebookfriends.

Users’ liked venues will not only be shared on Facebook in the activity feed and visible on Foursquare, but will also become a part of their Facebook profiles. It’s more free promotion that could help the most “Liked” venues attract significant offline foot traffic.

For users, the Like buttons also offer an immediate way to see which Facebook friends give a thumbs up to restaurants, coffee shops, bars and city attractions without having to dive into the venue tips.

Foursquare’s Head of Product, Alex Rainert, tells us that this is just the beginning and the company will monitor user adoption of the “Like” buttons to understand how best to further enhance Foursquare’s Facebook integration.”

Maybe Foursquare will actually get businesses to start using their technology…finally.